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Planning The Perfect Party

Summer is the perfect time for a party.  Perhaps you are planning one right now.  Whether you are planning a small summer get together, a birthday party, or a wedding, use these tips.  They will help anyone plan the perfect party.


Printed Materials


First, focus on the printed materials.  Most parties have several printed items.  You will usually send out an invite beforehand.  During the party you will need name cards.  After you might want a few thank you cards.  Try to coordinate these items so they look cohesive.  There are many templates online that you can use.  And you could even use blank place cards to save a little money.  Plus, these might come in handy if you don’t have an rvsp.  This way, you can assign seats when people arrive.




Next, work on coordinating the theme of your party with the decorations.  Sometimes it is easier to have the party outside.  This way, you will decorate less and let the ambience outside set the mood.  If you are having the party indoors, you might need to make a little more effort to make it look like a party.  Flowers from a San Francisco florist, balloons, and streamers are all great party decorations.  If your event is more formal, you can even light a few candles.




Finally, focus on the food at your party.  Food is arguably the most important aspect of any event.  You will need to determine what kind of food you plan on serving.  Do you want to serve a meal, appetizers, desserts, or all of the above?  Plan your menu today.  Coordinate the food choices with the time of year and the type of event.


It is not hard to plan a perfect party.  Prioritize what is most important and try not to over stress about unimportant details.

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Turning Your Apartment into a Home

Your home is your haven, the place where you escape from the stress of the world and envelope yourself in spaces and things that bring you comfort.  Just as homeowners spend time, energy and money to make their homes a special place, so to can apartment dwellers make their space special.  Think about the things that make a home a haven and look for amenities in your apartment that will allow you to live comfortably.  Hoboken luxury apartments have all of the things that make apartment living luxurious.  From the moment you enter the grounds you will be presented with high end living.  A gated community that addresses safety concerns and accessibility to outdoor spaces that are well maintained and esthetically pleasing.  Accommodations such as an inground pool, nearby golf course and a communal media room, small theater and exercise equipment for tenants use, all offer homelike comforts.

Inside Spaces

The square footage on a luxury apartment will be larger than a mid level or economy apartment.  The bedrooms will accommodate a king size bed and armoire, dresser and end tables.  The other bedrooms will about the size of a master bedroom in other less expensive apartments and the kitchen will have high end appliances and counter tops. For pluming help updating your kitchen, contact a plumber in Fort Lauderdale.  In addition you may be able to rent a unit that has a fireplace and balcony or patio for outside living opportunities.  Decorating your luxury apartment to be more homelike will be easier because high end finishes will compliment your more expensive furniture and decorating pieces.  A original painting hanging over the wood burning fireplace, hand carved furniture and other expensive furnishings will give that warm, homelike feel to your apartment, while saving you money on everyday expenses, electricity, gas, and water, it cost less to maintain utilities in a space smaller than a normal home.  Adding your personal touch and keepsake pieces to your apartment will make it home.

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Bows And Ribbons Are Perfect For Your First Year C...





When your child is going into cheer for the first time, you are going to have plenty of questions.  You will need to know about your child’s exercise regimen, you will need to know what type of diet your child should be on, you will even want to know what type of accessories to grab to go along with that uniform.  Don’t worry, you aren’t the first parent to have to ask these questions!  The experience is just as new to you as it is for your child.  There are a few things you can do to start preparing and make things a bit easier for your child to adjust.


Getting Some Information

When it comes to cheer camp, the counselors and the people that run the camp are all familiar with first timers, both parents and children.  Most camps have even put together a packet of information for your convenience.  These packets will detail their schedules, provide a list of essentials that should be packed, even provide maps of the area that they will be in.  This is all well and good but as everyone knows, it is one thing to see something on paper and quite another to see it in practice.  So, while the information will be wonderful, try to anticipate for situations that the packet doesn’t detail, such as fitting in.


Fitting In

Your child is going to be a bit scared at camp for a bit if they don’t have friends to talk to.  A great way to make sure that they will connect with other kids is by making sure your child goes dressed to impress.  Companies like The Ultimate Bow create custom cheer bows and ribbons that are not only fashionable but are conversation starters.  This is perfect for that first time camp goer who needs to make a few new friends.

You child’s first year of camp is going to be tough but they will love it.  The constant interaction with other kids builds social skills and the exercise keeps them in shape.  You may be nervous but it will all go wonderfully.

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Dealing with Divorce

Is there truly life after divorce? Well of course there is. It can be rough for a while. In fact it can get downright ugly. Hopefully you landed yourself stellar legal representation and got what you actually had coming to you. Now it’s time to get your… stuff… together and move on. If you need a Ft. Collins Counselor in order to do that, so be it. Get one and get on with it!


Take the First Steps Back to Life


Clearly, your marriage wasn’t forever so what makes you think that your current funk will be? It gets better. Really! Remember that death and divorce are not synonymous.  Just because you aren’t married anymore doesn’t mean that you no longer have a pulse. Don’t be too quick to rebound but know in your heart of hearts that it’s okay to get on with your life. Children will obviously complicate things. It may be best for your kids if you can maintain at least some kind of ‘amicable’ relationship with your ex. Have your lawyer at the ready though, just in case. And keep in mind that those kids are far more important than any childish immaturity you or your ex may be tempted to partake in.


The More Things Change…


Try to keep the schedule as ‘normal’ as possible. Your kids will adjust more readily the less they have to adjust to. If religion is a part of your life this is a good time to re-establish your faith—and faith in yourself as well! Divorced does not mean less successful. It’s time to take control of your life. You are a survivor. Don’t fritter away this second chance at happiness. And surround yourself with friends who will be honest with you, not always say what they think you want to hear.


Fear, failure, shame, guilt, rejection and anger for a time are normal. Just don’t allow them to become the norm.






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Teaching Your Kids About Responsibility

I don’t think any parents strive to raise a child that grows up to be an irresponsible adult.  Most parents want to raise a child that as an adult will be a productive, accountable and a positive member of society.  Teaching responsibility should start very young in a child’s life.  We have all seen the results of people who have no sense of what is expected of them as an adult.  In many cases the negative impact on all who encounter such an adult leaves scars and a lot of bad experiences for themselves and others, including their kids.

Starting the Lesson Early

Once we began to understand the difference between right and wrong in terms of our actions then the lessons about responsibility should begin.  A very young child is capable of learning and embracing this concept.  What happens when a child decides to throw their food on the floor from their highchair or tear out the pages of their favorite storybook?  If as parents we condone this behavior or offer no reprimand, regardless of how gentle our chiding or scolding is, the child gets the message.  Teaching your child that there are consequences for our actions instills a sense of responsibility for who we are.  Parents who give their children household responsibilities perhaps by utilizing the posting of chore charts in various areas of the house send the message that these are the things we expect you to do on a daily or weekly basis.  Accountability for the completion of these chores falls upon the child and instills a sense of a competency when completed.

Positive Outcomes of Responsibility

Throughout our lives we have life experiences that reflect how we were raised, what our parents did to help us to become successful adults.  Instilling a sense of responsibility in our children will result in an adult who takes their obligations to society seriously.  They will be better students throughout their school years, they will become valued employees or employers and hopefully their personal lives will be exemplary.  Does teaching your children to be responsible mean that their lives will be perfect, no it does not, the question is, what is perfect?  Having accountability for our actions, responsibility, makes the ups and downs of life easier to manage.


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Homemade Gifts are More Meaningful

Yes, yes—your mom always told you that didn’t she? Turns out, however; she was right! Done correctly, homemade Christmas gifts can become not just a novelty, but can actually become a sort of tradition! Think of the money that could be saved if the entire family got in on the act.  And in this day and age, who couldn’t stand to save a few bucks?


No More “We can’t afford Christmas this year.”


The answer to that horrible dilemma just got easier. Homemade Christmas gift ideas are as close as your laptop. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and the kids can all participate in a homemade Christmas. But why just keep it in the family? Get your friends involved—they’d probably like to save a little this Christmas as well. You don’t have to be an art major in college to make fun and easy arts and crafts either. There are simple projects online all the way up to fancy and intricate do-it-yourself gift suggestions. And because I see that horrified look on your face at the very idea of having to be creative I’m going to help you out with a few suggestions so that you won’t even need to open that laptop. That’s just the kind of swell individual that I am.


Do-It-Yourself This Christmas


Here we go—get your list ready for the craft shop, rummage sales, thrift stores and so on: Know any health nuts? They’d love a big bag of homemade granola. What the heck goes into homemade granola? Anything your (or their) little heart desires. And, best of all, you can spice it up for the daring individual or junk it up for the kids. Some ingredients could include: wheat germ, coconut, sunflower seeds, dried fruits (cranberries, cherries, bananas, etc.), cinnamon, nuts, raisins—the list goes on.

Or make your own family/friends trivia game. The pieces and game board can be picked up gently used and modified with a few art supplies and a tube of cyanoacrylate glue. Hour of laughs and fun await you.

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