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Breast Cancer Treatments Can Affect Fertility? Can Fertility Treatments Affect Cancer Risks?

Women everywhere seem to have breast cancer. This disease affects women of many ages. And it seems as though women are being diagnosed with this disease at younger ages. Although we haven’t found a cure (yet), the hope is that information can help us be informed. Many work to stay away from carcinogens. And one question that many ask regarding carcinogens is whether or not fertility treatments are a cancer causing treatment.

Fertility and Cancer

Fertility and cancer are often linked together. Women with cancer loose most of their chance to reproduce when they undergo cancer treatments. Many do not have a choice. However, the loss of fertility is a sad side effect for many younger women who suffer from cancer. Fortunately, today’s treatments are usually effective. So, in the end, the woman is better off.

Can Fertility Cause Cancer

Since fertility and cancer are so interconnected, many people wonder if fertility treatments can lead to cancer. According to new research, these treatments are not considered carcinogens. However, research does prove that treatments like in vitro fertilization can increase the risk of cancer. Most of the women who are more at risk for developing cancer are those who received IVF at a younger age. Older women do not appear to be in the same boat. However, it is important to explain that while there is a correlation, it cannot be proved for sure. Researchers have not linked the two in terms of cancer causing substances. Instead, younger women who have in vitro seem to be more at risk than those who do not.

Talk To Your Doctor

Because the information is not clear, it is important to talk to your doctor. Look for resources on Both will aid you in making an informed decision about fertility. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. However, it is not that great if you are going to get a life threatening disease because of it. So evaluate all of your options before you decide.

Cancer is seriously. There is a reason this disease is so hated. Be smart about your decisions and work to avoid things that increase your risk for developing this scary disease.

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